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A great front porch can add value and curb appeal to your Central SC home

Open Front Porch

Notice how this open front porch adds loads of curb appeal to this brick home.

This month marks the debut of National Curb Appeal Month. The entire month of August is focused on helping homeowners add value and design appeal to their home’s exterior. Even if selling your home isn’t part of your plans for the future, increasing your home’s curb appeal will breathe new life into your space and create a place you will take pride in coming home to every day!

Side view of open front porch

Side view of open front porch.

The front facade of your home presents the first impression to visitors and neighbors and is also the first thing you and your family see returning home from work, school or play. The front entrance of your home is a great place to make improvements in order to increase curb appeal.

Marshall Reu, owner of Archadeck of Central SC, knows that a front entry upgrade or renovation, such as a front porch or portico, is a great way to add curb appeal.  “ We never overlook the obvious when a homeowner looks to us to improve the appearance and versatility of their outdoor living spaces. Naturally, the most obvious place to start any task is at the beginning; this being said, the beginning of your home starts right at the front door.”

Classic rocking chair front porch.

Classic rocking chair front porch.

Even the smallest homes can benefit from a new front porch or portico addition. A simple entryway facade can be remodeled into a snug porch with a welcoming portico, or by expanding your porch into the yard, you can increase your home’s size and style. When you want your home to stand out, the entrance is the place to start. A well-designed portico or porch looks great from the curb and makes a perfect first impression.

This pergola makes a statement as the entrance to this charming South Carolina low-country style home.

This pergola makes a statement as the entrance to this charming South Carolina low-country style home.

Keep in mind, adding a front porch or portico provides more benefits than just aesthetics. They provide protection against wind, rain and heat from the sun that can cause your doors and the area surrounding your door to age prematurely from exposure to the elements. A front porch will add more room for decorating and design opportunities, such as holidays or even adding seasonal flowers for color. They will provide a place to stay dry while entering and exiting your home, but they can also provide valuable functional outdoor living space. Many front porch and portico additions are designed with ample enough space for a few chairs or even a large space reminiscent of the “southern rocking chair front porches” that have been a homeowner favorite throughout history. Who remembers enjoying a glass of iced tea on their Grandmother’s front porch on  a Sunday afternoon?

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

Contact Archadeck of Central SC  today to learn more about boosting your home’s curb appeal. Whether it’s a porch that runs the width of the home, or a small portico to provide some cover for guests, or even a creative use of a pergola, a great front porch can add value and beauty to your home! Call us at (803) 603-2160 or email us at                 centralsc@archadeck.net

A trend steeped in superstition began in SC and is still popular today — blue porch ceilings

Central SC blue porch ceiling

Why so blue? The origins of the blue porch ceiling is based in much fact and folklore.

You might have noticed the distinct use of the color blue on porch ceilings as you flip through the spring issue of your favorite home and garden magazine. Blue porch ceilings can range in tone from the palest of powder blue to shades of periwinkle and wedgewood. The trend of painting the porch ceiling blue  was once considered only a Southern tradition but is now prevalent all over the country. The practice is based on much more than just the creative use of color. In truth it lends a romantic charm to the interior of the porch, but there is much mystery as to why and how the practice first originated.

The basis of painting porch ceilings blue may have begun with regional influences. Aurora blue is a popular shade of blue used on porch ceilings in the Northwest. The color’s origins are closely associated with the Christian communal society called the Aurora Colony, which became popular in the 1850′s. Among the blues used on porches along the East coast, we look to the popularity of Victorian and Colonial architectural styles that were popular and can still be seen today in historic cities like Boston.

Victorian home with terra cotta exterior

This vintage Victorian uses many colors associated with nature, including terra-cotta.

Pale blue tones that mimic the blues of the sky have always been popular for Victorian style homes. Victorian period homes have long been associated with integrating the colors of nature within their exterior color schemes. These include earthy tones such as ochre and terra-cotta along with blue reserved for the porch ceiling to remind them of the blue sky even when the days were overcast and gray.The use of these colors serves as a  constant reminder that brighter days lie ahead.

Along with regional influences, the desire of many homeowners to paint their porch ceiling blue is based on enjoying a bug-free porch experience. Some believe that painting the ceiling of your porch in this cool hue discourages birds and bees from building their nests in the ceiling. It is believed the color tricks the intruding insects or birds into thinking they have actually reached the sky. According to Sherwin Williams, most credible sources discredit this belief. However, this belief could be seated in historical truths.

Beautiful porch with blue ceiling.

Beautiful porch with blue ceiling.

When blue paints were first used on ceilings, they were usually milk paints, which often had lye mixed into the composition. Lye is a known insect repellent, which would explain why insects would avoid nesting on a painted porch ceiling. As milk paint has a tendency to fade over time, giving it a rustic look, homeowners would usually need to repaint their home every year or few years, covering the existing coat with a new coat of paint, and therefore a fresh coat of lye as well.

There are many theories on how blue porch ceilings became a tradition that has endured for generations in the South. One of the most widely believed theories arises from within South Carolina. Here folklore suggests that blue porch ceilings originated out of the fear of haints. Southerners, especially in and around the Low Country region of South Carolina, have a name for the color of ceiling paint used on porches – the soft bluish-green tint is referred to as “Haint Blue.” Just the name itself sounds spooky, huh?

The term “haint” is a Southern colloquialism defined as a ghost, apparition or lost soul — also defined as the spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear, in visible form or other manifestation, to the living.

Haint Blue, which was also used on door and window frames as well as porch ceilings, was believed to protect the residents from being “taken” or influenced by haints.The superstition evolved from the inability of the spirit to cross water since the lighter shades of blue mimic the color of water. Others believe that Haint Blue will protect the house and its occupants from evil spirits.

Open porch and sunroom combination in Elgin, S.C.

This open porch and sunroom combination in Elgin, SC, is timeless in its design.

Deciding what you believe in regard to the practice of painting porch ceilings blue is left for you, the reader, to ponder. However, one fact does stand out: blue is a calming color that promotes relaxation and peace. It also mimics the natural tranquility and beauty of sunny days and clear skies — with this in mind, is it any wonder why a homeowner would choose blue to beautify their outdoor space?

Many homeowners choose to paint their porch ceilings blue simply because of the way it makes a room look and feel. We even see the trend carrying into the modern screened porch and 3-season rooms of today. Blue is a calming color, so using it to paint an area of the house that’s intended for relaxation makes sense — leaving superstitions and insects by the wayside!

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

No matter what style or color reflects your own personal tastes, Archadeck of Central SC can plan, design and build a custom porch that speaks to your individuality. If this includes translating your vision of the ideal porch through custom colors or trim, we embrace designs that think “outside the box.” Contact us for a free design consultation today to learn more about our exquisite custom porch designs. (803) 603-2160

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Make the most out of your backyard this summer and all the seasons that follow with an outdoor living space from Archadeck of Central SC

Outdoor living bliss by Archadeck

Archadeck of Central SC can turn all your outdoor celebrations into memorable ones with our custom built outdoor living spaces.

With Independence Day nearly upon us, our thoughts turn to outdoor living. There is nothing quite like kicking back, grilling out and making precious memories outdoors with your family and friends. The sad truth is many Columbia area homeowners have a sparse or non-existent outdoor living area. Having a place to enjoy the outdoor lving season can make the good times even better. This is where Archadeck of Central SC can help.

With over 10 years of experience making outdoor living dreams come true for residents of  Columbia and surrounding areas, we can help fulfill your vision of the ultimate backyard space. Even though it is too late to have your new outdoor space up and running before the July 4th holiday, we can have you well on your way to backyard bliss in time for Labor Day!

Lovely interior of screened porch in Columbia SC by Archadeck of Central SC

Imagine watching the changing seasons from your very own screened porch addition!

Keep in mind adding an outdoor living space this season will provide years of enjoyment reaching far past the here and now. Imagine the functional outdoor living space a deck or porch addition would provide for outdoor celebrations, or just imagine a spot within the backyard to relax, reflect and enjoy a good book! Outdoor structures such as screened porches can be enjoyed well into the autumn with our mild southern climate. Imagine being able to watch the magic of Mother Nature unfold from your very own screened porch as the trees turn from amber to gold and gently fall with the autumn winds. This is just one example of the memorable moments an outdoor living space addition can provide in the seasons to come.

Take a look into what you are missing by not having an outdoor space to make your outdoor time more rewarding…

If you are considering adding a deck, porch or even a 3 or 4-season room to your outdoor space, now is prime time to take advantage of all summer has to offer. Archadeck of Central SC specializes in providing endless seasons of outdoor living enjoyment. Contact us today for a free consultation. What are you waiting on? (803) 603 – 2160 centralsc@archadeck.net

Mike Reu owner Archadeck of Central SC

Mike Reu owner Archadeck of Central SC

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