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Is A Columbia Custom Patio Or Hardscape Outdoor Living Space The Right Fit For You?

You probably already know Archadeck of Central SC as the Columbia area’s source for decks, porches and sunrooms. However, did you know we design and build custom patios and hardscape outdoor living spaces, too? That’s right!

Lake Murray patio, retaining wall and custom fire pit

Lake Murray patio, retaining wall and custom fire pit.

A custom patio or hardscape space can easily turn an empty backyard into an elaborately-decorated outdoor feature. The perfect spot to relax, entertain and cook. Patios are making a comeback at all stages of the market as one of the most-desired design options for backyards all over the map. Currently, we have several hardscape outdoor living combination projects underway and throughout our project portfolio. Many of these include both horizontal and vertical hardscape elements, as well as amenities such as outdoor kitchens, pergolas and more. With the popularity of pavers, stone and stain & stamp patios on the rise in the Columbia area, we thought it only fitting to discuss this outdoor living option.

Central SC patios

Columbia stain & stamp patio under construction.

Hardscape options galore — we offer a wide selection of hardscape materials giving you an almost endless choice in patio design options. Your patio can be built with pavers, natural stone like flagstone or travertine and even ceramic tile. Stain and stamp concrete is another option that gives you the look of stone or pavers at a fraction of the cost. Our portfolio includes a variety of hardscape shapes, colors and styles to achieve your desired look and to fit any budget.

Patios deliver high aesthetic with low maintenance — Our patios are professionally designed and installed using only the best hardscape materials. This ensures a hardscape with longevity that is also a breeze to maintain. A patio requires very little attention from the homeowner and doesn’t require annual resealing like a wooden deck.

Columbia SC Porch Builder

Covered patio project in Sumter, SC.

Patios provide a high return on investment —  patios that are professionally designed and installed will yield a 30-60% return on investment if you ever decide to sell your Columbia-area home. In the long run, that same patio addition will enhance the functionality of your outdoor living area and become a beloved backyard destination — benefits you cannot put a price on.

Sumter SC Outdoor Kitchen Builder

Custom outdoor kitchen within Sumter, SC, covered patio.

Patios work well in unison with other outdoor structures — Patios serve well when used in conjunction with other outdoor structures such as a deck, porch or outdoor room. This is what we refer to as an outdoor living environment. For many of our clients, an outdoor living space needs to be multifunctional. If that’s the case, our designers will create a space that flows yet defines separate spaces for different purposes.

Columbia Patio and Fire Pit Builder

We have tremendous experience in designing and building all types of outdoor structures. If you are thinking of a patio or hardscape addition for your home call us today at  (803) 603 – 2160, or email us at centralsc@archadeck.net.

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu.


Your Central SC “dream backyard” is within reach with our phased building program!

Lake Chapin SC outdoor living environmentHow often do you catch yourself thinking…”if I just had an unlimited budget”? This is something we often hear during our initial meeting with homeowners, when we ask what they envision as their ideal outdoor living space. It’s a common misconception that the perfect outdoor living space is beyond affordable. Archadeck of Central South Carolina wants you to know you don’t have to delay creating your ideal backyard retreat any longer. We offer a phased building program that allows you to construct your outdoor living space combination project in phases as your lifestyle and budget permit.

With our phased building program you don't have to have an unlimited budget to get the backyard of your dreams!

With our phased building program you don’t have to have an unlimited budget to get the backyard of your dreams!

Please allow us to explain how our phased building program works…

We start by working directly with you, the client, to put your vision of your ideal backyard retreat on paper as the “master plan” including all structures to be incorporated within the design. With this complete project design in hand, phase I is selected. This typically is the portion of the design closest to the home, maximizing the structural anchoring of this entire space to the residence. A clear “master plan” allows us to work out engineering, designing and building specifics for your complete outdoor space in phases permitting more efficient future additions or amendments. To ensure a unified outdoor environment, the structural integrity, traffic flow and ultimate function of each portion of the structure are priority considerations during each phase of building. Additionally, the advance planning of your backyard design saves time and money as it enables us to work closely with any supplemental contractors you may need for this project (i.e. utility contractors, pool company or landscaper). As the homeowner, having this freedom to build your ideal backyard in stages makes it easier on your budget and lifestyle.

Lakeside outdoor living spaces in Central SCPrior to breaking ground, we will create a detailed project scope  for you, as we do for all of our clients, whether we are building one outdoor structure or a combination outdoor space. This outline of the project’s highlights is especially vital, as it gives you a conceptual idea of your project as a whole and includes a detailed breakdown of the construction stages. We have found this to be the most valuable way to ensure no detail is overlooked. If your intended outdoor space is going to include more than one structure, such as an outdoor living combination of a deck, screened porch and hardscape, for example, then each separate structure will have its own distinct specification and materials list. This is just one of the many ways we are able to deliver the highest quality of service and product to our customers. We set the standards high because we want to make sure our customers are informed in every phase of their project, especially when the project is being built over time.

inside and outPhased building with Archadeck of Central South Carolina allows you to feel like you have a new backyard during each stage of your dream outdoor living space construction. Much like many of our completed phased building projects, there is usually room for additional outdoor living area in the future, such as the integration of a fire pit and seating or a pergola addition to the deck. No matter which structure pairing or combination you choose, once your space is complete you can enjoy all the outdoor living opportunities to come.

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

If you have a vision of your dream backyard but you’re not ready to complete it all at one time, our phased building program is the perfect answer. We can bring the backyard of your dreams to life one beautiful stage at a time. Contact Archadeck of Central South Carolina to learn more about our innovative approach to outdoor structure building. Call us for a free consultation at (803)603-2160 or email us at centralsc@archadeck.net.

At Archadeck, we specialize in creating “outdoor environments” that exceed your expectations.

Process plays a key role in the success of your outdoor living project.

Welcome autumn with a relaxing outdoor living environment customized to fit your needs!

The arrival and departure of Labor Day marks the end of summer. This time of year is often bittersweet as the kids are back to their school routines, football season is underway, and fall is beginning to make its debut. However, just because summer is over doesn’t mean the outdoor living season has ended. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the changing season ahead within your own custom outdoor living space!

Keep in mind that not all outdoor structures are created equal. Just because you have an outdoor structure doesn’t mean you have an outdoor living space. Here at Archadeck of Central SC, we specialize in creating “outdoor environments” that exceed your expectations of enjoying the outdoors. An outdoor living space is place where you, your family and friends go to spend quality time, a place to relax, a place where you can enjoy nature and a place where you can truly be yourself.

The attributes that define the differences between  an outdoor structure and an outdoor living space are expertly outlined in a recent post from Archadeck Outdoor Living. As this article points out, in order for a structure to qualify as a living space it must be designed to cater to at least one, or more, of the following :

  • Deck detail in Governors Grant with separate area for dining.

    Deck detail in Governors Grant with separate area for dining.

    Function – Much like the worth that is poured into the design of interior living spaces, outdoor living spaces need to be designed with function and purpose in mind. Homeowners are all different and want to use their outdoor spaces for different purposes. What is an ideal living space for you can be quite different from that of your neighbor. Maybe you want a space where you can prepare food and dine outdoors, or a place to relax and read on Sunday afternoons? We can take the variables that you want for your space and translate these into a design, or combination, that will serve the ideal purpose for you and your family.

  • NE Columbia deck and sunroom builder

    Exterior view of deck and sunroom. Notice how the patio and deck flow effortlessly into the sunroom.

    Ease of Design – Once the function of your outdoor living space has been determined, it is time to concentrate on the ease of your design. When the perfect outdoor space is created, it will invite the owners, friends and family outside. A great design will create a nice flow and define all the areas of your structure.

  • Furnishings and Accoutrements –  This attribute seems simple, but you would be surprised at how integrating the right furnishings and accessories can increase your enjoyment of your outdoor space. Without furniture, all a deck, patio or porch would be is a blank space.  Keep in mind, people will only go out and stand in an empty space for so long before looking for a place to sit — it’s human nature, and you want to facilitate their desire to relax while in the space. The furniture you choose should always reflect the function and design of your outdoor space.
Archadeck of Central SC custom fire pit on slate patio

The right furnishings are an important part of enjoying the time spent within your space.

We realize your outdoor space is where you and your family go to relax and entertain. Archadeck of Central SC delivers uncompromising attention to detail with a high level of quality and craftsmanship. You can relax in knowing your family will have an enjoyable design and build experience, , more important, will enjoy your new custom outdoor living space for many years to come!

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

To learn more about enhancing your outdoor lifestyle call Archadeck of Central SC today for a free design consultation at (803) 603-2160 or email us at centralsc@archadeck.net.

Please visit our extensive outdoor structure galleries located on our website to see our custom structures, or visit our stunning galleries on Houzz.

How to add a touch of luxury to your Central SC backyard

Upscale outdoor living begins with Archadeck of Central SC.

Upscale outdoor living begins with Archadeck of Central SC.

Outdoor living is a fast-growing trend in the United States. This trend is now becoming a way of life, as we perceive outdoor living spaces as extensions of our homes rather than an as amenities. Many homeowners are beginning to realize that the primary living areas of their homes don’t have to be indoors. A well-designed outdoor living space can often times be the most utilized area for a family. Furthermore, an attractive outdoor living area that offers luxury is also a great selling point for a home and can significantly raise your home’s value.

Archadeck covered porch perfect for luxury outdoor living

Archadeck covered porch perfect for luxury outdoor living.

According to an article on Realliving, Real Estate.com, the growing popularity of luxury outdoor spaces is best defined by homeowner’s desire to create a place where they feel at home in the great outdoors. “Today’s luxury homeowners expect to have all the amenities of indoor living available on the grounds of their estate as well. Luxury homes are no longer just places to retire and rest. Connecting with the outside world is a rapidly growing trend. Affluent homeowners have spent the last 20 years cocooning inside, say trend spotters, but now they are looking at their outdoor space as a place to decorate and entertain. While there has been a dramatic increase in outdoor entertaining, for affluent homeowners this trend is about much more than decks, barbecues and swimming pools. It’s about seamlessly extending the luxuries they expect inside their homes to their outdoor living spaces as well. Traditional backyards are being transformed into private getaway destinations with all the amenities of home, plus many of the most desirable features of posh, sophisticated resorts and hotels. The design and decorating of outdoor living spaces reflect homeowners’ tastes and sensibilities. Whatever luxurious amenities you can imagine for the inside of your home can now be duplicated for outdoor living.”

Stunning views from the interior of this Lake Murray screened porch

Stunning view from the interior of this Lake Murray screened porch.

Here in the Columbia, SC, area we cater to many homeowners who set out to design their outdoor spaces with luxury in mind: from enhancing waterfront living on Lake Murray and the Saluda River to extending outdoor living enjoyment in the many local golf communities. If upscale outdoor living is the destination you seek, Archadeck of Central SC is the path to reach that destination.

Here are a few ideas for adding luxury to your Central SC backyard:

Outdoor fireplaces and pergola structures are the perfect feature to turn an outdoor space into an upscale outdoor room. Nothing does a better job of defining an outdoor living room than a large structure like a pergola. Here at Archadeck of Central SC we often use pergolas to define space and give an outdoor room a more intimate feeling. Both elements make the area more useable year-round, with the fireplace offering warmth in winter and the pergola offering shade in summer. An innovative idea to add even more refinementto a luxury outdoor space is to opt for a two-sided fireplace, which can be used to create a natural separation for outdoor living and dining areas.

Archadeck patios and hardscapes

Archadeck patio and hardscape with outdoor kitchen.

One of the most common upscale outdoor living items, outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. The layout of an outdoor kitchen depends on your style of cooking from grills (gas or charcoal) to rotisseries and smokers. Today’s outdoor kitchens are now built with a variety of features like side burners, warming drawers, refrigerators, beer taps and beverage/cocktail centers designed for entertaining. Some outdoor kitchens are even being designed with surround sound and drop-down plasma TV screens for luxury outdoor living at its best.

Creating separate outdoor living zones for activity and relaxation is an important overall design trend in luxury outdoor living. Affluent homeowners want their outdoor living spaces to provide multiple environments for all the activities they enjoy outdoors. They want cooking and dining areas that can host elegant dinner parties as well as family gatherings where marshmallows for s’mores can be roasted over open flames in their custom fire feature.

Composite deck and open porch in Kings Grant, Lexington SC is rustic and elegant with plent of room for dining and entertaining

Beautifully furnished composite deck and open porch in Kings Grant, Lexington, SC, is rustic and elegant with plenty of room for dining and entertaining.

In addition to offering comfort and amenities, today’s upscale outdoor living spaces are increasingly being designed using top-grade materials in unexpected ways to provide a sense of unity with the natural environment. Natural materials such as stone and hardwoods are being incorporated into floors and countertops and everything in-between.

We realize your outdoor space is where you and your family go to relax and entertain. Archadeck of Central SC delivers uncompromising attention to detail with a high level of quality and craftsmanship. We use the best materials in the industry as well as expert, proven carpenters and skilled tradesmen whose work we know and trust.

We take care of it all, from permitting and surveys to final completion and clean up. Our stress-free process is designed specifically for homeowners. You can relax in knowing your family will have an enjoyable design and build experience, and more importantly, will enjoy your new custom outdoor living space for many years to come!

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

To learn more about adding a touch of luxury to your outdoor lifestyle, call Archadeck of Central SC today for a free design consultation at (803) 603-2160 or email us at centralsc@archadeck.net.

Please visit our extensive outdoor structure galleries located on our website for more examples of our lovely designs.

Archadeck of Central SC has just the thing to help you recover from the Labor Day outdoor living blues

Archadeck covered porch outdoor living

Imagine having a covered porch much like this one to host your own outdoor celebration.

Labor Day weekend is one of the most popular backyard holidays conducive to outdoor living and recreation. Homeowners all over Columbia, SC, bid farewell to the summer of 2013 by hosting their own Labor Day festivities including backyard barbecues and outdoor parties for family and friends. Most of these parties took place on decks, patios and  porches of residents all over Central SC.

Your very own backyard deck by Archadeck of Central SC

Imagine your next family barbecue on your very own backyard deck by Archadeck of Central SC.

Having your own outdoor living space, whether it is a deck, patio, porch or a combination outdoor living space is part of what makes a house into a home. Outdoor living with family and friends is a way to catch up and be involved in the lives of the ones you love. Outdoor family time ensures quality time is well-spent with an abundant amount of fresh air and sunshine to make the moment more special. Being outdoors together is a facet of making memories with loved ones, especially here in the South. Not having an appropriate outdoor living space to make get-togethers more convenient and more enjoyable is a shame.

Large deck with with white vinyl pergola

A spacious deck with all the trimmings will enhance your home and your lifestyle!

Archadeck of Central SC has just the remedy to cure your outdoor living dilemma– a custom designed and built outdoor structure! We offer a wide range of designs to suit any taste or budget and deliver an abundance of function. An outdoor space addition will not only extend your outdoor living enjoyment, it will also add curb appeal and value to your home. Part of living the American dream includes the right outdoor space to enhance your home and the time you and your family spend together.

Backyard bliss by the fire pit

Backyard bliss can be enhanced with a custom fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

I cannot think of a better time than the arrival of autumn to enjoy an oudoor living space. Hardscape patios, outdoor fireplaces and even fire pits are perfect additions to enliven your landscape and lifestyle year-round, and can become a focal point of outdoor entertaining during the fall. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit addition  will not only add ambiance to an outdoor living space, they also produce some amount of heat which is welcomed on those chilly autumn evenings. The unforgettable crackle of fire mingled with the crackle of autumn leaves and the company of family and friends is timeless.

Composite deck with spa deck by Archadeck

Try this composite deck and luscious spa deck on for size in your backyard.

Since beginning Archadeck of Central SC ten years ago, we have become the area’s premiere builder for decks, sunrooms and porches in the region. Our three-generation, family-owned company has created more than 400 outdoor living projects enabling our customers to take advantage of the natural beauty of the Central SC region and the mild climate we are fortunate enough to have almost year-round.

Our outdoor spaces are designed with a keen eye for the holistic way homeowners now view their backyards with the goal of creating an outdoor escape. We bring a modern approach to outdoor structures steeped in the quality craftsmanship of a by-gone era. We specialize in creating unforgettable outdoor structures with attention to the smallest details and quality you can see and feel! Don’t let another outdoor opportunity pass you by. There are still many opportunities to take advantage of an outdoor living structure addition this season. Don’t put your dreams on hold any longer.

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

Contact Archadeck of Central SC to learn more about our family-oriented outdoor spaces. Call us today to schedule a free design consultation (803) 603 – 2160

Archadeck design guideYou can also download a free Archadeck Outdoor Living Design Guide that will help determine which stucture best suits your outdoor living needs by visiting http://www.archadeck.com/guide/index.html

Archadeck of Central SC is making it easier for more Columbia area residents to live their backyard dreams with our staged building program

Elegant deck, pergola and patio by Archadeck

Is an elegant deck, pergola and patio outdoor living combination your ideal of a dream backyard? If so, we can make it a reality.

Just because the 2013 Archadeck Dream Backyard Makeover contest has drawn to a close does not mean you still can’t have the backyard of your dreams! The grand prize winners of the contest were announced on May 17th, and they are to receive a custom outdoor space that incorporates a TimberTech synthetic outdoor space with Belgard hardscapes.  This outdoor living combination is just one example of the many possible outdoor living choices you can dream up as your perfect backyard retreat. If you have been yearning for an outdoor oasis all your own, but taking on an outdoor living space combination is just too much to take on in one endeavor, Archadeck of Central SC can build the outdoor living space you have been wishing for one step at a time. Our Staged (or phased) building program enables you to plan and construct your dream backyard over time.

Our phased building program allows homeowners the freedom to build your ideal backyard in stages making it easier on your budget, and with less of an impact on your lifestyle. Phased building consists of engineering, designing and building your outdoor space in phases so that future additions or amendments can be added easily. This is made possible by building with your future circumstances and the structural integrity of your project in mind.

Elevated screened porch with deck and stairs - Columbia, SC

This backyard dream come true is located in Columbia and consists of an elevated screened porch and deck combination.

We assist you in putting together a master plan to set your backyard dreams into motion.  Archadeck of Central S.C. can assist in planning your ultimate outdoor space ensuring all the structural footwork is in place to facilitate future additions. We can begin with a dominant starting point and can also work  in unison with your pool company, lighting company and your landscaper on the structural components needed to proceed with your grand backyard design.

Our primary goal during our initial consultation is to understand your needs, desires, budget and priorities to come up with a plan custom made for you. For example, if your vision of the ideal backyard consists of a low-maintenance deck and backyard pool with a hardscape patio surround, we would suggest starting the first portion of your master plan closest to the house with the deck. It is always a good idea to begin your master plan working outward from your home. The primary reason for starting closest to your home is to ensure less lifestyle interruption. It also ensures that all primary structures are tied into your home structurally as you build out from the initial phase. There is less room to overcome obstacles that may arise when you begin a job working from the outside back to your home.

Composite deck with spa deck by Archadeck

Try this composite deck and luscious spa deck on for size in your backyard.

The second portion of this backyard vision would entail working in unison with your pool installer to ensure every detail is accounted for and to facilitate each phase of your project. We also work with your electrician and plumber to get all your lines placed in advance to avoid retrofitting in the future. Laying the foundations for the additional phases of your master plan is an important part of your project. During this portion of construction we would concentrate on adding your backyard pool and the paver patio surround. Since the conduit and lines for the pool are already run under the deck and patio areas, installing the pool will not disturb these completed areas. Voila – your backyard dream has become a reality and, since it was completed in phases, the project was easy on the wallet and was not a major interruption to your lifestyle. Another benefit of staged building is that during each stage as we work toward fulfilling your dream of the perfect outdoor space, many homeowners comment they feel they get a new backyard over and over again.

If you are interested in learning more about our staged building program, and how Archadeck of Central SC can help make your backyard dreams come true don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can begin designing a master plan for your outdoor space that will make you wonder why you hadn’t called us sooner! For a free consultation call (803) 603 – 2160

Mike Reu owner Archadeck of Central SC

Mike Reu owner Archadeck of Central SC

You can gain more inspirational backyard ideas by visiting our decks photo gallery, and our patio and hardscapes photo gallery located on our website

How to get the most out of your Central S.C. backyard with a deck or patio addition, or maybe both

Central SC deck and pergola with seating wall

This Central SC custom deck features a pergola and built-in seating for the ultimate outdoor room.

The outdoor living season is in full swing. With this in mind, you may be considering the addition of an outdoor living space that will increase the enjoyment of the time you are now spending outdoors. Archadeck of Central SC specializes in delivering backyard bliss with the many high quality outdoor living structures we build. At the top of this list of outdoor spaces are decks, and running a close second is the patio. Decks and patios are a staple of backyard enjoyment but when left with the choice of which space works best for your needs there are many considerations.

Low maintenance composite deck builder in Lexington SC

Beautiful low maintenance composite deck in Lexington, SC

Deck and patio considerations

The first thing to consider is the grade of the area where your anticipated deck or patio is to go. Both decks and patios will work well in low areas, but in higher grade areas a patio may not be the best choice. There are high decks and low decks, but rarely is there ever a high patio. Sure, a high patio is possible, but the amendments needed to facilitate a high fill area to position the patio would be rather costly. A deck works with all elevations.

Composite deck and open porch in Kings Grant, Lexington SC is rustic and elegant with plent of room for dining and entertaining

This composite deck in Lexington offers plenty of room for dining and entertaining.

The next consideration in choosing a deck or patio is deciding the function you want to utilize within your outdoor space. Decks are among the most all-American of all the outdoor structures and are the most common as well. The concept of the “backyard deck” spans many decades and many homeowners feel a deck is the base used to build upon when adding additional outdoor structures. A deck can be used for grilling out, entertaining, or just relaxing on a beautiful South Carolina afternoon. The materials that go into building a deck, whether they are wood or low- maintenance synthetic, sit on an elevated floor. Decks, just like homes, also contain a supporting structure underneath, even in low to grade situations. A deck addition can become part of your home by serving as an extended living room. By adding a pergola to your deck for example, you can create the atmosphere of a room where the pergola would serve as the ceiling and your deck railing would serve as the walls. Outdoor furnishings, or even built-in amenities, will complete the “outdoor room” feel of your deck and serve the chosen function you wish to enjoy within your deck space.

Central SC patio

This Central SC lakefront patio is placed to enjoy inspiring waterfront views.

Patios are in essence an extension of the landscape. Patio construction is composed of either natural stone, concrete, or manmade hardscape materials that are built upon a base of crushed stone or sand. Patios do not need a supportive structure underneath and patios are rarely ever attached to the home itself. Building a patio just off the back of your home with a low grade will deliver the feel of stepping from the home onto the patio but, the patio is actually part of the landcape. Often patios are designed at the grade level of your yard and rarely require a step down for access. Patios can be used for many of the same things as decks including outdoor living, dining and entertaining. Patios also add a rustic appeal to the backyard setting. If the dimensions of your lot are low then a patio may be the best choice for your backyard, and you can emulate the same feel of an “outdoor room” in a patio addition through the use of seating or retaining walls.

This deck in Irmo SC overlooks a serene hardscape patio with outdoor fireplace

This deck in Irmo, SC overlooks a serene hardscape patio with outdoor fireplace.

Why not have your cake and eat it too?

If you are still on the fence about whether a deck or patio best suits your needs and caters to your individual style, why not have both? Outdoor living combinations are very popular. A combination outdoor living space can be composed of a deck and patio combination, deck and porch combination and every other outdoor living space combination you can imagine. There are many benefits to having a dual outdoor living area which include more room for entertaining and outdoor recreation.This is especially the case where large families gather or for homeowners who entertain frequently. Decks and patios work together beautifully – the combination of rustic stone in unison with wood or low-maintenance decking that mimics the look of wood marry together perfectly. Nothing is more beautiful than a deck that gently descends down into a hardscape patio, and this combination is sure to become the focal point of your landscape as well as your favorite room(s) in the house!

Composite deck and patio combination

Notice how the spacious composite deck descends into the patio below…

If you are ready to add function and beauty to your backyard this season, contact Archadeck of Central SC. Our elegant outdoor living designs are sure to please even the most discriminating taste. Contact us today for a free design consultation and let us show you a glimpse of all your backyard can be (803) 603 – 2160 centralsc@archadeck.net

Mike Reu owner Archadeck of Central SC

Mike Reu owner Archadeck of Central SC

You can see more inspiring images of decks and patios by visiting our deck photo gallery and our patio and hardscape photo gallery located on our website.