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Archadeck of Central South Carolina helped these Elgin, SC, homeowners optimize the year-round use of their covered porch

Central SC outdoor livingWhen you love spending time outside, it’s a natural progression to bring some of the creature comforts of home out into the backyard to create an outdoor living space that can be enjoyed almost year round. In an outdoor living environment custom designed and built by Archadeck of Central South Carolina, you can fully enjoy the beauty of the environment while being ultra-comfortable. We understand your desire to spend more time enjoying your home inside and out and offer multiple ways to improve that experience.

Elgin SC outdoor fire features

Completed outdoor fireplace addition in Elgin, SC.

You can optimize your porch or patio for fall and winter get-togethers by enhancing your existing space. While homeowners in some parts of the country may think that evenings spent in the backyard or outdoor living spaces are coming to an end this time of year, we here in the central South Carolina area feel otherwise. We are blessed with a climate that allows the extended use of our outdoor living spaces throughout the fall and, with a good source of heat, well into the winter months, thus making almost year-round use of our outdoor living environments fully possible.

Getting more use out of their covered porch throughout the year is exactly what these Elgin, SC, homeowners listed as their primary objective when they contacted us. They already had a beautiful covered porch area in which many celebrations, cookouts, parties and family dinners had occurred throughout the spring and summer months as well as countless evenings spent just relaxing and unwinding after a hard day of work. Although this space is obviously well-loved during the spring and summer, they also want to enjoy it during the fall and winter too.

Elgin SC outdoor firepace builder

Addition of outdoor fireplace onto existing Elgin, SC, covered porch.

The best way to accomplish their goal was with the addition of an outdoor heat source, such as a fire pit or a fireplace. What’s better than an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to gather around and share conversation, food, drinks and fun? Not only will a fire feature add some warmth to the chilly air, it will also serve as a social hub and focal point for your outdoor living space. After an onsite inspection of their existing structure and careful consideration of their wants and needs along with the architectural aesthetics of the covered porch, we suggested the addition of an wood-burning outdoor fireplace with an Isokern pumice stone insert.

The homeowners loved this idea and wanted to get started right away so they would begin enjoying it as soon as possible. They chose a brick exterior, which would coordinate with the façade of their home and would also complement the classic style of the porch to add elegant warmth. The special components of this fireplace are the Isokern insert and chimney, which are parts of a modular system made of volcanic pumice that is:

  • the most energy-efficient material to safely contain a fire
  • exceptionally durable and lasts forever
  • more budget friendly than the traditional masonry, metal box or concrete fireplaces
Elgin SC outdoor fire features

“In progress” outdoor fireplace addition in Elgin, SC.

Along with this enhancement to their outdoor living space, they added soft, comfy furniture, fluffy throw blankets and hardy outdoor rugs, all of which are sure to make it their favorite warm and cozy spot during the fall and winter months. Wonderful memories will be made on cool, crisp evenings or lazy afternoons, tucked up in blankets on the couch in front of the warm soft glow of a crackling fire while conversations flow and mugs of hot cocoa are savored.

Are you ready to make your outdoor living space cozy for the upcoming cooler weather seasons? Now is a great time to move ahead with your outdoor living structure endeavors! Fall and winter lead times are shorter, the growing season of your landscape is interrupted less and materials are likely to be less expensive now as opposed to waiting until next spring when the traditional outdoor living season arrives. Archadeck of Central South Carolina can plan, design and build your structure in time to take advantage of festivities of winter. Our professional and talented staff are experts at helping homeowners, like you, get the most out of each season with an outdoor structure custom-built just for you. Contact us today to learn more by calling (803) 603 – 2160 or email us at centralsc@archadeck.net.

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

Keep the home fires burning with an outdoor fireplace by Archadeck of Central SC

Columbia, SC three season room with rustic beadboard ceiling, ample dining and seating areas complete with a cozy outdoor fireplace.

Columbia, SC, three season room with rustic beadboard ceiling, ample dining and seating areas complete with a cozy outdoor fireplace.

The weather has finally turned cooler here in Central SC and that means two things; sweater weather and outdoor fireplace weather! As it turns out, both have a lot in common when it comes to their cozy benefits.  Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are now considered the “must have” accompaniment to any outdoor living space combination. Outdoor fire features such as fireplaces and fire pits make the perfect partner to a backyard patio or porch, and outdoor fireplaces are often used to add style and ambiance to a screened porch or 4-season room. You may be asking “what is all the hub-bub about ?” If you have ever had the chance to sit in front of an outdoor fireplace on a crisp autumn evening with friends and family–you already know the coziness of its warmth, the crackle of the fire, and the intoxication of watching the flames as they dance– nothing comes close to the experience. As if that isn’t enough. Lets explore the many benefits of outdoor fire features and how their allure is destined to draw you into their magic like a moth to a flame!

Columbia SC outdoor fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace can add rustic appeal to your outdoor room and serves as the perfect spot for freinds and family to gather.

  • Extended entertaining options – There is no better way to gather a group of friends and family together than around an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Outdoor fire features are a great way to extend your party space to the outdoors.  An outdoor fire feature exudes ambiance that makes the addition of one to your backyard worth the investment. Can you imagine star gazing with a loved one or enjoying a glass of wine with friends while sitting around one of nature’s most captivating elements?
  • Smores over fire

    Yummy- don’t you just love fall?

    The yummy factor – An outdoor fire pit or fireplace can provide an opportunity to cook up some delicious snacks. Although not as elaborate as a grill or outdoor kitchen, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces do provide a flame over which you can toast marshmallows, S’mores, hot dogs or even kabobs.

  • Warm and cozy – Obviously, fire pits and fireplaces emit warmth. The benefit to the warmth they produce is that you can extend your spring and outdoor entertaining seasons a bit by staying warm on those chilly evenings. No more retreats to the house when the sun goes down either– pull up a chair or two, kick back and enjoy the feel of the fire. It is sure to enliven your mood!
  • Open Porch Entertainment Area

    This space is the perfect example of an outdoor structure combination where the outdoor fiireplace fits the design perfectly!

    An investment worth investing in – fire pits and fireplaces are a nice addition to your home that can add value if you ever decide to sell it. They are attractive features that can add character and uniqueness and can really help make your home stand apart from others. To gain the most benefit from your fire feature, you want to choose a design that fits in scale with the size of your yard and your home. If there is stone or stucco on your home, you may consider incorporating these to complement the surroundings. You can also bring in architectural elements into the shape of your chimney or mantle. The key to getting the most out of your addition is to have the feature blend and become a natural looking part of your outdoor living area.

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

Whether you are interested in an intimate area to create ambiance or a focal point to anchor an outdoor room, Archadeck of Central SC has just the outdoor fire feature design to keep the home fires burning–contact us today to learn more about our outdoor fireplace and fire pit designs at (803) 603 – 2160, or email us at centralsc@archadeck.net