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As spring is knocking at the door — wouldn’t it be great to get MORE out of your outdoor living space and backyard this season?

Screened Porch with Deck and Stone Patios

Screened porch, deck and patio combination.

Just as spring’s arrival will completely change the look and feel of your environment, outdoor living spaces often change the entire way you regard your residence. Much like the inside of your home, your outdoor space should have designated areas for the many different things you and your family may do, from hobbies and relaxing to entertaining and recreation. This is best achieved with an outdoor living environment consisting of two or more structures designed together and working as one LARGE structure.

Homeowners with a zest for outdoor living crave spaces with maximum style, function and continuity, and those that combine multiple structures fit the bill! Archadeck of Central South Carolina specializes in delivering this type of backyard bliss with  myriad high quality outdoor living areas we custom design and build throughout Columbia and the surrounding areas. Examples include:

  • Patio and deck combinations that comingle dining and lounging spaces for groups of any size – as your dinner party is winding down, guests can easily descend to the stone patio filled with seating arrangements of comfortable sofas and chairs for coffee and conversation.
Deck with patio and fireplace

Deck with patio and fireplace in Central SC.

  • A spacious screened porch connected to a multi-level deck with pergola for entertaining, and leisure spaces with a choice of an enclosed area, a partially-shaded spot or one with full-sun exposure – this blending of structures with hardscapes provides the best mix of areas in which every member of the family can get maximum enjoyment of your backyard pool…and these combination projects can easily be built in phases.
Deck and screened porch combination in Columbia, SC.

Deck and screened porch combination in Columbia, SC.

  • A covered porch/exterior room and hardscape pairing that includes an outdoor kitchen flanked by integrated seating around a fire pit is just right for outdoor enjoyment in every season – family events are more enjoyable when everyone spends time together cooking, eating, talking and still keeping an eye on the little ones as they run around in the backyard… and finishing off the evening with roasted marshmallows around the fire pit.
Archadeck covered porch perfect for luxury outdoor living

Archadeck covered porch perfect for luxury outdoor living.

Custom deck and porch combination in Lexington.

Custom deck and porch combination in Lexington.

These are a just a few of the combined spaces we can provide for you to support the outdoor lifestyle and multitude of activities you and your family enjoy. After all, what’s an outdoor living room complete with comfortable seating and a big flat screen TV without the Master Chef easy access to the grilling/outdoor kitchen area on the adjoining flagstone patio? What better way for everyone to enjoy the view and benefits of your lakeside property than with a screened porch and deck combination, enabling sun-sensitive family members to be included in just as much outdoor fun as those who love to soak up the sun. The options for versatile, flexible spaces are limited only by your imagination, as each Archadeck of Central South Carolina structure is a one-of-a-kind design built to suit your needs for outdoor living and entertaining.

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

If you’re ready for a true extension of your home with function and flow to help you get MORE out of your outdoor living space and backyard this season, contact Archadeck of Central South Carolina today! We’ll help you make the most out of your outdoors too! Call us at (803)603–2160 schedule a free consultation at or email us at centralsc@archadeck.net.

How to get the most out of your Central S.C. backyard with a deck or patio addition, or maybe both

Central SC deck and pergola with seating wall

This Central SC custom deck features a pergola and built-in seating for the ultimate outdoor room.

The outdoor living season is in full swing. With this in mind, you may be considering the addition of an outdoor living space that will increase the enjoyment of the time you are now spending outdoors. Archadeck of Central SC specializes in delivering backyard bliss with the many high quality outdoor living structures we build. At the top of this list of outdoor spaces are decks, and running a close second is the patio. Decks and patios are a staple of backyard enjoyment but when left with the choice of which space works best for your needs there are many considerations.

Low maintenance composite deck builder in Lexington SC

Beautiful low maintenance composite deck in Lexington, SC

Deck and patio considerations

The first thing to consider is the grade of the area where your anticipated deck or patio is to go. Both decks and patios will work well in low areas, but in higher grade areas a patio may not be the best choice. There are high decks and low decks, but rarely is there ever a high patio. Sure, a high patio is possible, but the amendments needed to facilitate a high fill area to position the patio would be rather costly. A deck works with all elevations.

Composite deck and open porch in Kings Grant, Lexington SC is rustic and elegant with plent of room for dining and entertaining

This composite deck in Lexington offers plenty of room for dining and entertaining.

The next consideration in choosing a deck or patio is deciding the function you want to utilize within your outdoor space. Decks are among the most all-American of all the outdoor structures and are the most common as well. The concept of the “backyard deck” spans many decades and many homeowners feel a deck is the base used to build upon when adding additional outdoor structures. A deck can be used for grilling out, entertaining, or just relaxing on a beautiful South Carolina afternoon. The materials that go into building a deck, whether they are wood or low- maintenance synthetic, sit on an elevated floor. Decks, just like homes, also contain a supporting structure underneath, even in low to grade situations. A deck addition can become part of your home by serving as an extended living room. By adding a pergola to your deck for example, you can create the atmosphere of a room where the pergola would serve as the ceiling and your deck railing would serve as the walls. Outdoor furnishings, or even built-in amenities, will complete the “outdoor room” feel of your deck and serve the chosen function you wish to enjoy within your deck space.

Central SC patio

This Central SC lakefront patio is placed to enjoy inspiring waterfront views.

Patios are in essence an extension of the landscape. Patio construction is composed of either natural stone, concrete, or manmade hardscape materials that are built upon a base of crushed stone or sand. Patios do not need a supportive structure underneath and patios are rarely ever attached to the home itself. Building a patio just off the back of your home with a low grade will deliver the feel of stepping from the home onto the patio but, the patio is actually part of the landcape. Often patios are designed at the grade level of your yard and rarely require a step down for access. Patios can be used for many of the same things as decks including outdoor living, dining and entertaining. Patios also add a rustic appeal to the backyard setting. If the dimensions of your lot are low then a patio may be the best choice for your backyard, and you can emulate the same feel of an “outdoor room” in a patio addition through the use of seating or retaining walls.

This deck in Irmo SC overlooks a serene hardscape patio with outdoor fireplace

This deck in Irmo, SC overlooks a serene hardscape patio with outdoor fireplace.

Why not have your cake and eat it too?

If you are still on the fence about whether a deck or patio best suits your needs and caters to your individual style, why not have both? Outdoor living combinations are very popular. A combination outdoor living space can be composed of a deck and patio combination, deck and porch combination and every other outdoor living space combination you can imagine. There are many benefits to having a dual outdoor living area which include more room for entertaining and outdoor recreation.This is especially the case where large families gather or for homeowners who entertain frequently. Decks and patios work together beautifully – the combination of rustic stone in unison with wood or low-maintenance decking that mimics the look of wood marry together perfectly. Nothing is more beautiful than a deck that gently descends down into a hardscape patio, and this combination is sure to become the focal point of your landscape as well as your favorite room(s) in the house!

Composite deck and patio combination

Notice how the spacious composite deck descends into the patio below…

If you are ready to add function and beauty to your backyard this season, contact Archadeck of Central SC. Our elegant outdoor living designs are sure to please even the most discriminating taste. Contact us today for a free design consultation and let us show you a glimpse of all your backyard can be (803) 603 – 2160 centralsc@archadeck.net

Mike Reu owner Archadeck of Central SC

Mike Reu owner Archadeck of Central SC

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