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When considering an outdoor living space addition, a little planning can go a long way!

Central SC custom deck designsMost big decisions are accompanied by a big investment, and as such, proper planning goes a long way in giving you confidence in your choices. As a homeowner, this rings especially true with renovations or additions to your home and its environment. When choosing to add or enhance an outdoor living space, many factors are considered during the planning stage to make sure it meets your needs as well as blends into the architectural style and layout of your home and property. We here at Archadeck of Central South Carolina use our planning and design process with a single goal in mind…designing and building custom outdoor living spaces to bring enjoyment and pride for many years to come!

Archadeck design guideTo assist in the preliminary phase, Archadeck has created a simple yet valuable tool to help homeowners ignite their imaginations and define their preferences and function needs for the perfect outdoor living space. It is called the Archadeck Outdoor Living Design Guide, and you can download it free by visiting the Archadeck of Central SC website.

Three basic pieces of information form the foundation of a successful project:  the function, type and style of outdoor living space addition or renovation you have in mind, the anticipated completion date desired and your estimated budget goal for the project. It has been our experience, having this information organized and in hand not only helps you clarify your outdoor living space needs and wants, but it also helps our team to better translate your desired goal into a finished project.

To create the best design and structure for you and the way you live outdoors, we ask a lot of questions, including:

  • For what activities will this space be used? The best outdoor living structures are designed with perfect union of form and function. Do you wish to have a technology-free zone, just right for rest and relaxation? Or will your space need an outdoor kitchen area to be used for family barbecues and larger dinner parties? Do you want an open, exposed area where you can bask in the sun, or do you prefer a covered area with protection from the elements? Better yet, how about a combination space for all of the above?
  • What is the contour of your property? Is it flat or does it have slopes? The contour must be taken into consideration when selecting the structure and type of outdoor living space, but it doesn’t necessarily limit your options.

Central SC design guide

Additional aspects we consider when creating your custom space are the situation of your property in regard to sun exposure, favorite views you may have and the proximity of neighboring properties…all of which should be kept in mind when selecting the style and design of your sunroom, porch, pergola, deck or combination.

Now is the perfect time to plan your backyard retreat, so it can be ready for you to enjoy when the weather gets warm. Having a clear understanding of your tastes and design choices helps you receive the perfect outdoor living environment. That’s where our FREE Design Guide comes in handy.

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

When considering an outdoor room addition such as a screened porch, choosing the best fit for your home’s architecture, your desired function and your budget is important. Archadeck of Central South Carolina is the premier outdoor structure builder serving Columbia, SC, and the surrounding area. We can help you choose the perfect custom outdoor living space addition for you with our expert design team and experience in building. Contact us to learn more by calling (803) 603-2160 or via email at centralsc@archadeck.net. We specialize in making your outdoor living dreams come true!

Archadeck of Central SC discusses what to expect when beginning your anticipated outdoor living space

Ipe Brazilian hardwood deck with metal railing.Most of us begin planning our outdoor living project after weeks or even months of imagining how much we will enjoy it. The planning phase should be an exciting time! We first identify what we need from our deck, porch, sunroom or other outdoor space and how it will meet one or more of our outdoor living needs and aesthetic desires. From there, we begin looking for a builder who will turn our vision into a reality.

Archadeck custom projectMaking the initial call to a builder is sometimes the most daunting task in the construction process for many homeowners. Even if the builder comes highly recommended there is no “manual” of what to expect during your initial communication. Anticipation and venturing into the unknown is responsible for causing stress to many prospective clients even before they send the first email, or pick up the phone to reach out. Archadeck of Central SC aims to change that. We want homeowners to have a good idea of what to expect during planning phases of their outdoor living space addition(s). With this in mind, we have put together an outline of what to expect during the initial, and crucial, first stages towards bringing your dream to life:

  • Archadeck design guideThe inquiry call/email:  This is one of the most daunting tasks for many prospectives clients. However, with Archadeck it doesn’t have to be. Our goal is to put you at ease while we gather the needed information to make future correspondence smooth. During your inquiry call it is not uncommon to be asked what type of space you have in mind. When would you like your project completed? A member of our team will schedule the best time to meet you in your home when all decision makers can be present.

Archadeck offers a valuable tool to help homeowners, and your Archadeck representative, gain ideas about what you want from your outdoor living space. It is called the Archadeck Outdoor Living Design Guide and you can download it free by visiting http://www.archadeck.com/guide/index.html.

  • Finding the right contractorThe in-home consultation: During the initial in-home consultation we will discuss your needs, personal preferences and the function your space will primarily be used for. We will explore any material preferences and features that would best suit your needs and taste. At this time we will discuss your budget for the project and take measurements in order to prepare a design, which will be available during the follow-up consultation.  We will also show you some of our past projects and explain your construction material options.
  • PlansFollow-up consultation: At this time Archadeck of Central SC will present you with a custom design prepared especially for you. During this time, we will discuss any amendments or changes you would like to make to the design. We realize once you make the decision to move ahead with your project, the excitement mounts, and you soon envision utilizing your new space.
  • The next phase: Once you approve the design and sign that contract, you will be protected by two separate guarantees, constituting the most expansive customer protection plan in the industry. Local oversight assures your property and privacy are respected. We attend to every detail from securing any needed building permits to final cleanup. And we work very hard to be as unobtrusive as possible during the entire construction phase.
Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

Seeing your project become a reality can be a time that’s enjoyable from beginning to end. With Archadeck designing  and building your space, you can be a homeowner who is pleased with the outdoor space you purchased instead of one who is simply glad the project is over. We strive to make every phase of the process an enjoyable one! Making sure we are on the same page as the client during each phase will insure your dream outdoor space is a joy and delight from concept to conclusion.

Our commitment to excellence in outdoor structure design and building ensures your unique project will bring enjoyment and pride for many years to come! Call Archadeck of Central SC today for a free design consultation at (803) 603-2160 or email us at centralsc@archadeck.net.

Please visit our extensive outdoor structure galleries located on our website and on Houzz for more design inspiration!