Can I please get a little privacy out here? The perfect privacy solution for this Columbia, SC, deck.

Fabulous privacy screen options for decks in Columbia SC

Custom privacy screen recently added to composite deck in Columbia, SC, built last year by Archadeck of Central SC.

Is privacy important to you in your outdoor living space? How close is your neighbor’s backyard or outdoor living space? For example, when they use their deck or patio does it give a clear view into your backyard? Can you see into your backyard from the street? How busy is the street you live on?

Many homeowners come to us with a desire to use their backyard for relaxation, entertaining,or a tranquil place to dine or read after a long day. When trying to enjoy these leisure activities, they have told us that they often look up and suddenly realize they’re not alone; the neighbors have a clear view of their backyard from their own deck or patio. Perhaps you have looked up, too, only to see your neighbor outside enjoying the day and staring back. Privacy is often a top priority for homeowners looking to improve or establish an outdoor structure of their own, but most want a space that also retains the openness of being outdoors. Creating a space that provides both requires balance, as is evident in many of our custom designs.

Columbia SC privacy decks

One of our recent projects in Columbia, SC, demonstrates a successful balance of openness and privacy within the same design. Last year we completed a composite deck for these Columbia homeowners. While the homeowners were elated with their new deck they soon realized they needed a way to separate their view from that of the neighbors.This is often the case once the homeowner uses their new space. An outdoor space addition can bring a change in elevation from the grade of the property; your view of the surrounding perimeter will change enabling you to see, and others to see you, in places you did not have a clear view of prior to the addition.

Panel detail on privacy screen in Columbia SC

Archadeck of Central SC came up with a custom privacy fence design for these Columbia homeowners’ new deck that adds privacy and abundant beauty to the space. We used innovative framed panels of vertical lattice suspended from a detailed pergola frame.The finished project not only provides privacy from prying eyes, it also becomes a stunning design element creating a focal point. The custom privacy fence is built from wood painted white for a clean, bright backdrop to accentuate the homeowners’ beautiful plantings and outdoor furnishings.

Columbia SC deck and privacy screen by Archadeck of Central SC

Notice the close proximity of the house next door.

It may sound trivial, but deciding what functions you want your outdoor space to provide will make it easier to design a space that best suits  your family’s needs. In outdoor living design it is often easy to overlook our own preferences — for instance, some folks love being out in the elements, while others are sensitive to wind and sun; some love entertaining, while others want to enjoy a solo retreat. In addition, always consider the correlation between your backyard and that of your neighbors, how it will affect the way you use your new space, and the views looking in and out.

Archadeck of Central SC has been helping homeowners find the right privacy solution for their outdoor living spaces for many years. How you will use your space, and your privacy needs, are something we discuss and build into your design when planning your outdoor space. Keep in mind all yards are different and certain privacy solutions will work well with certain yards, decks, porches and existing features while others will not. We are experts at designing privacy solutions that will not draw attention but blend with the structure or area where they are located.

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

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Archadeck of Central SC customers confirm their satisfaction through our many positive customer reviews!

Archadeck of Central SC customer reviews

We want to thank our customers for taking the time to send their feedback.

Here at Archadeck of Central South Carolina customer service is our top priority. To make sure we’re doing our job providing the best service to our clients, Archadeck utilizes a third-party review system. The survey has only one question — how did we do? We are then emailed the results, and our customers are confirming that they love their outdoor living spaces and our customer oriented- approach to designing and building them! Read some of the reviews below:

“Outstanding work!”
Paul in Blythewood, S.C.

“We are very pleased with our patio and screened porch.”
William in Columbia, S.C.

“Great workmanship!”
John in Columbia, S.C.

“Mike is a friendly, understanding, and accommodating individual who is great to work with. He listened to our needs and found a way to make it happen. We truly enjoyed working with him and are very grateful for his personal touch. From the very start to the very end his service was truly exceptional. We would be glad to recommend him and Archadeck to all our friends.”
Kuha in Lexington, S.C.

“Archadeck of CSC went the extra mile and patiently worked with my wife and me to ensure that our custom deck expansion project was built to our specifications. Also, the craftsmanship and construction materials were top quality. As a result, the final project turned out even better than we had envisioned.”
James and Laverne in Irmo, S.C.

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

Mike, Marshall and Tucker Reu bring a modern approach to outdoor structures steeped in the quality craftsmanship of a by-gone era.

Since beginning Archadeck of Central South Carolina over ten years ago, we have become the area’s premier builder for decks, sunrooms and porches in the region. Our three-generation, family- owned company has created more than 400 outdoor living projects enabling our customers to take advantage of the natural beauty of Columbia, Lexington, Irmo, Florence and the surrounding regions, along with a mild climate we are fortunate enough to have almost year-round.

Imagine enjoying your view of the lake from your very own 3 or 4 season room by Archadeck of Central SC

Our outdoor spaces are designed with a keen eye for the holistic way homeowners now view their backyards with the goal of creating an outdoor escape.

Our outdoor spaces are designed with a keen eye for the holistic way homeowners now view their backyards with the goal of creating an outdoor escape. We specialize in creating unforgettable outdoor structures with attention to the smallest details and quality you can see and feel! If you notice outstanding workmanship, or a one-of-a-kind deck or outdoor space here in the Central SC area, chances are, we’re behind the design!

Contact us today to learn more about our customer-oriented philosophy to designing and building your ideal outdoor living space. You can call us at (803) 603-2160 or email us at

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…” If a man has any greatness in him, it comes to light, not in one flamboyant hour, but in the ledger of his daily work.” — Beryl Markham, English adventurer and author (1902-1986)

The Lakefront Outdoor Living Experience: Privacy and Atmosphere

Stunning views from the interior of this Lake Murray screened porch

Stunning views from the interior of this Lake Murray screened porch.

People all over the world seem to share one desire when it comes to buying property, and that is the desire to live near or in front of the water. The Columbia, SC, area is home to many beautiful lakes and rivers.These include Lake Murray and the Saluda River. The beauty and tranquility of these locations is the driving force behind many homeowners choosing a river or lakefront property as their home, or vacation property. Waterfront living not only provides access to water-related recreational activities like boating, fishing and jet skiing for you and your family, it also provides some of the most picturesque views around. Having an outdoor living space to enhance the views is crucial to any waterfront or waterside home.

Waterfront living can provide a quiet place to connect with nature, a place with ambiance and an inspiring view rather than the fenced in backyards of suburbia. It also gives homeowners a sense of privacy compared with a community where you often feel like you have neighbors right on top of you. Here are just a few examples of some of the best waterfront outdoor living structures that will inspire ideas when you are planning your own oasis…

Saluda River deck in Columbia SC

Saluda River deck in Columbia, SC.

The waterside deck: This spacious pressure treated deck in Columbia, SC, overlooks the tranquil Saluda River. Not only does this wonderful outdoor living space offer breathtaking 360 degree views, it also provides a large outdoor entertainment area perfect for grilling, dining and relaxing. Can you imagine the possibilities to host family and friends at your riverside home in a space like this? As you can see, Archadeck of Central SC carefully integrated the large boulder found on the property into the design of the space making it a testament to being at one with natural surroundings of the property!

Archadeck of Central SC incorporated the boulders within this Saluda River terrain into the design of this W.Columbia deck

The Lakefront porch: This elevated vinyl-clad screened porch addition on Lake Murray delivers breathtaking views and all within the confines of a protected space! The porch provides shade and a buffer from nuisance insects and inclement weather. Even watching a summer rain becomes a luxury in this screened porch.

Vinyl Clad screened porch addition on Lake Murray SC by Archadeck of Central SCA deck built with lakeside views in mind: This lakeside pressure treated deck includes built-in bench seating and unique privacy railing. We also integrated the existing trees into the design of the deck.

This lakeside pressure treated deck includes built in bench seating, and unique privacy railing. We also integrated the existing trees within the landscape into the design of the deck- stunning.

Whether you are considering a new deck, porch or even a new dock for your lakeside or riverside home, Archadeck of Central SC can answer any questions you have about your anticipated addition. Contact us for a free consultation at (803) 603-2160.

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

Please visit our decks photo gallery and our porches photo gallery located on our website for more examples of lovely waterfront outdoor living spaces.

A wonderful outdoor living space is the key to a successful outdoor celebration!

the ultimate outdoor living spaceAs Americans we already realize the role a professionally designed and constructed outdoor living space can play when it comes to hosting an outdoor celebration. With the Fourth of July holiday just a few days away, millions of American will gather to enjoy food, family, fireworks and fun. The abundant thrills of any memorable Independence Day celebration don’t take place within the confines of the home. The best celebrations will take place on the backyard decks, patios and porches of America! According to the Statistic Brain website’s 4th of July stats, the numbers reveal what many Central South Carolina homeowners have planned on the Fourth as part of their outdoor festivities:

  • Partiotic hot dog41 million Americans will spend the July 4th holiday celebrating at someone else’s home. Which means most will be celebrating in the outdoor space of friends and family!
  • 87% of American households have outdoor grills — the standard among food preparation in households for the 4th.
  • Americans consumer 150 million hotdogs on July 4th each year — wow!
  • There are 700 million pounds of chicken purchased by Americans in the week leading up to July 4th!
  • There are 190 million pounds of red meat / pork purchased by Americans in the week leading up to July 4th!
Rustic inspired outdoor kitchen with stone and granite combination.

Rustic inspired outdoor kitchen with stone and granite combination.

Based on these statistics, it is evident that one of the main ingredients to a successful Independence day celebration is having an ample place to prepare food outdoors, and plenty of space to enjoy dining outdoors as well! Gone are the days of simply relying on the company of a small deck and lone charcoal grill. Today’s outdoor living spaces can provide a wide variety of food preparation areas and outdoor dining spaces to suit any budget and taste! When I was growing up, the term outdoor kitchen (if the term even existed), referred to a barbecue on three legs set up on a drab slab of concrete off the back door which we called a patio.  I can also remember Dad spending more time swearing at the non-functional equipment than actually grilling! Today, a host of innovations exist to make outdoor food preparation a positive experience. These include user-friendly spaces with weatherproof appliances geared to maximize the social space of the smallest and largest of outdoor areas.

Deck with kitchen and pergola and ample pull out room for outdoor furnishings

Go ahead and plan that outdoor celebration or dinner party!

Fresh ideas in outdoor living continue to emerge and are redefining the concept of cooking and dining al fresco. Flow, and the efficient use of indoor/outdoor space are key ingredients in designing a successful outdoor kitchen. For example, if your outdoor area consists of a deck or patio, you want to unify the outdoor kitchen to complement these areas. Whereas an outdoor kitchen built within a covered porch might require more attention to traffic flow to and from the interior of your home, and any additional outdoor living spaces, especially if you entertain often. The sole purpose of an outdoor kitchen is to make the moment effortless, not a chore that requires running back and forth to obtain supplies. If you find yourself making frequent trips to your interior kitchen for ice, or to keep food prepared outdoors warm, maybe your kitchen design should include an ice maker on site and a warming drawer? Making sure the proper amenities are included in your custom outdoor kitchen is where form and function meet.

Upscale outdoor living begins with Archadeck of Central SC.

Upscale outdoor living begins with Archadeck of Central SC.

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

If you are ready to learn more about how an outdoor kitchen would enhance your outdoor living space, contact Archadeck of Central SC today. We are your one-stop shop for all your outdoor living design needs! Call (803) 603-2160 or email us at

Archadeck of Central SC discussses the importance of customized design

7 keysThis is part two of the fifth installment in our series about the Seven Keys to Finding a Great Contractor. To review, the seven keys are:


  1. Experience
  2. Professionalism
  3. Process
  4. Value
  5. Customized Product
  6. Attention to Details
  7. Warranty & Protection

Custom bench seating on AZEK deck in Norheast Columbia ,SC.As a continuation of part five of our series on “The Seven Keys To Finding a Great Contractor,” we discuss the importance of a customized design in the success of  your outdoor living space.

PART 5, continued — CUSTOMIZED DESIGN The design of a project is perhaps the most important phase of creating an outdoor living space you will enjoy and be proud of.  It’s also an opportunity to see the level of experience, professionalism, and value your builder can bring to the table.  The design should take into account your personal needs and preferences, the use of space regarding furniture, grills, etc., the traffic flow of the space, and your appetite for ongoing maintenance.  And of course your budget.

The salesman should be knowledgeable about materials options and should be willing to take time to educate you. Your job in this process is to do your homework Your job in this process is to do your homework – look at pictures on vendor websites, Pinterest, Houzz and other sites for examples to get a feel for what you like. Ask lots of questions, and make sure that you give the salesman feedback on his design to keep him on track.

There are 5 factors that will determine the cost of your project.  You can work towards managing your budget by managing these factors. These are:

  • Archadeck of Central SC custom fire pit on slate patioThe size of the project – A 400- square-foot deck costs more than a 200-square- foot deck – not double, but significantly more.  This is an important factor that is totally up to you.  However, be careful to ensure that the project you decide on is big enough to do what you intend to do on it.  Some customers opt for a small space due to budget constraints, and then are disappointed when certain furniture won’t fit in the space.  If you know how you want to use the space, line off an area of the yard or house the size of the proposed project and actually put the furniture there to see if it works.  This is a mistake that does happen, and is hard to fix after the fact.
  • Composite deck and open porch in Kings Grant, Lexington SC is rustic and elegant with plent of room for dining and entertainingThe materials you choose – a pressure treated yellow pine deck costs far less than an Azek PVC composite deck.  However, it may not look as impressive, last as long or be as easy to maintain.  In addition, you will need to spend money every 2-3 years to protect the pressure treated wood, and over the life of the deck this may cost more than the up-front investment in maintenance free materials. Your salesman should be able to walk you through your choices.
  • Amenities – features that you add to the project can be what makes it special for you. Items like bench seating, lighting, a fire pit, a water feature, or a built-in outdoor kitchen make a project beautiful and impressive. However, they can be the most expensive part of the project.
  • Spacious elevated deck on Saluda River in West Columbia SC by Archadeck of Central SCEnvironment – The area where your project is built may affect the price – for example it’s easier (and therefore cheaper) to install a patio in a flat yard than in a yard that needs to be backfilled and built up.  It’s also easier to build a deck three feet off the ground than it is 12 feet off the ground.  This is an area that you may not have much control over, but it is a factor to bear in mind.
  • Quality of builder – this is the tricky one.  If you search hard enough, you can find a cheap builder.  But there are reasons why he is cheap. It could be his quality, his reliability, or the stability of his business. If you bet wrong here, you risk having a finished project that you are not happy with, or worse, having an unfinished project that he has abandoned. The highest priced contractor isn’t necessarily the best. If you are paying for a quality builder, you should expect him to have adequate General Liability and Workers Comp insurance, builder’s licenses, permits, stability in terms of years in business and warranties that he will stand behind his work.

Mahogany Hardwood Deck with trellisIn addition to creating an appealing design that fits within your budget, you should be comfortable that the design of your project is structurally sound.This again is an area where you have to rely upon the quality of your builder. Areas he should focus on are the size/strength of the foundation (posts for decks, pillars for sunrooms, and ground preparation for patio structures), proper spacing of beams and joists, and roof tie-ins built properly to avoid leaks. These are all important factors that will ensure you can enjoy your project for years to come. Building codes come into effect here, but these are often minimal standards that should not only be met but exceeded in a quality structure.

PlansAs a side note, every builder who takes the time to create custom designs he is proud of has had the frustrating experience of having an unscrupulous customer take his design and give it to a cheaper builder to do the work. So don’t be offended if/when a builder won’t release the design to you until a contract is signed.  It is an unfortunate necessity of protecting his tradecraft.

In summary, your project will only be as good as its design.  Is it sound?  Is it something you can afford?  Does it suit your personal lifestyle?  And most important, is it something you will be proud of every time you use it?  If you have found a contractor who can provide you with such a design, you have likely found a contractor who is a good fit for you.

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

Our commitment to excellence in outdoor structure design and building ensures your unique project will bring enjoyment and pride for many years to come! Call Archadeck of Central SC today for a free design consultation at (803) 603-2160 or email us at

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Take a look at our recent sunroom and deck project in Northeast Columbia, SC.

AZEK deck in NE Columbia, SC.

Beautiful views and a deck to match in NE Columbia.

One of our most recently completed outdoor living space projects is this deck and sunroom combination in NE Columbia. By combining the best of both worlds, an open air space perfect for grilling and soaking in the sun and a protected space delivering panoramic views of the outdoors with constant climate control, these homeowners can have it all!

Custom bench seating on AZEK deck in Norheast Columbia ,SC.

Custom integrated bench seating provides an unobstructed view into the beautifully-landscaped backyard.

The spacious deck is built with AZEK composite decking and features custom integrated bench seating for added convenience and open views. The space where the deck is built originally encompassed an existing patio. The homeowners wished for an outdoor living space that better suited their outdoor living needs, and this low-maintenance beauty fits the bill! AZEK decking boards are engineered to withstand the everyday things that happen on a deck. Even spilled wine, fruit punch, and hamburger grease are no match for AZEK Deck’s stain resistance. And, since AZEK Decks are scratch resistant, you won’t have to worry about marks from patio furniture or pets. This material is also split, mold and mildew resistant as well as impervious to insects — meaning a durable, long-lasting deck that will be enjoyed for years to come.

NE Columbia deck and sunroom builder

Exterior view of deck and sunroom.

The airy design of the adjoining sunroom, which opens out onto the new deck, features an open-end gable abundant with windows, transoms and a vaulted ceiling. The placement of the windows and roof pitch allows for not only an open and airy atmosphere within the space, it also allows more light to flow naturally into the home’s interior. Loss of light when designing outdoor rooms such as screened porches, 3 & 4 season rooms and sunrooms is a concern for many homeowners. The use of abundant windows within the space alleviates any light concerns for these Northeast Columbia homeowners.

The finished space is beautifully decorated to reflect the homeowners personal style.

The finished space is beautifully decorated to reflect the homeowners’ personal style.

The homeowners’ main objective of having an open-air outdoor space together with a room that could be heated and cooled and still offer scenic outdoor views has been met. These homeowners are elated with their new space and the endless outdoor living possibilities that lie ahead!

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

Contact Archadeck of Central SC today to learn more about transforming your existing backyard into an area that better suits your needs and taste. Call us today for a free consultation. (803) 603 – 2160 Email:

Please visit our decks photo gallery and our sunroom photo gallery located on our website for more inspiring sunroom and deck combination ideas.



Archadeck of Central SC shares some helpful hints on enjoying the freshest catch of the day!

Deck with kitchen and pergola and ample pull out room for outdoor furnishings

The outdoor living season is here, time for fresh seafood on the grill or smoker!

What’s for dinner? Now that summer has arrived, you have probably already fired up the grill, or opened your outdoor kitchen for friends and family. Not only is grilling an essential staple of summertime fun and outdoor living enjoyment, but it can also be quite healthy if done correctly. Grilling meats makes it easier to manage a low-fat diet because grilling results in a reduced fat content compared to some other cooking methods. That’s because fat will drop off as the food cooks. Another benefit of grilling is the shorter cooking time. This helps to retain vitamins, especially when grilling fresh veggies!

This outdoor living space includes a custom outdoor kitchen, perfect for grilling fish!

This outdoor living space includes a custom outdoor kitchen, perfect for grilling fish by the pool!

With an added emphasis on food preparation and dining this season, many homeowners consider seafood one of the best selections for outdoor grilling and smoking. Seafood is a leaner source of protein than other meats Americans typically choose for the backyard barbecue. Much research has been conducted on the health benefits of seafood, particularly fish, in preventing heart disease. The best selections in regard to heart health are fatty fish or “dark fish” like tuna, salmon, swordfish, mackerel or bluefish, which are all high in Omega 3 fatty acids. Of course, when it comes to better taste and optimal health benefits, wild-caught is healthier than farm-raised, and when you think wild-caught — fresher is better — which means local is fresher than wild-fish caught abroad.

Fresh Atlantic seafood selections courtesy of Southern Living

Fresh Atlantic seafood selections courtesy of Southern Living.

Author and essayist Paul Greenberg points out in his new book, American Catch, “A full 91% of seafood Americans eat comes from abroad, even though our local waters often teem with fresh fish and shellfish. This summer, demand local. You may pay a little more, but chances are you’ll be buying better quality seafood and supporting local fishermen.

Here are a few helpful hints courtesy of Southern Living to ensure you and your family enjoy the freshest catch this season:

  • When selecting whole fish – Look for firm flesh that springs back to the touch, bright red gills and clear eyes, telltale signs of freshness for fish like pompano and red snapper. Bonus: Whole fish costs less per pound than filets!
  • Fresh shrimp at the Florence, SC Farmers Market

    Fresh shrimp at the Florence, SC, Farmers Market.

    When selecting fish filets – Filets of white flaky fish such as flounder and denser black grouper should be firm to the touch. Avoid any filets with an oily sheen or excessive “gapping” in the flesh, or any stored in standing water. No bones about it, inspecting your filets carefully before purchasing will ensure against food-borne illness.

  • When Blue Crab is on the menu – Select hard-shell and soft-shell crabs fresh, if possible even alive, and make sure to check they are not foaming at the mouth. Picked crabmeat prices are quite high at the moment and increasing due to labor costs and historically low catches.
  • When selecting shrimp – Keep in mind, most “fresh” shrimp have been flash frozen and defrosted, so buy them frozen if you’re not cooking them immediately, which cuts out one of these steps. For defrosted shrimp, buy in the shell and peel yourself; they should feel firm and look plump. Whether you buy large (26-30 per pound) or mediums (41-50 per pound), make sure they’re shrimp from North Carolina to Texas — when in doubt, just ask.
This covered patio space features an outdoor kitchen with bar seating along with a wall mounted TV

This eat-in style outdoor kitchen includes a sink to keep hands clean!


When cooking outdoors, enjoy the moment, but always exercise common-sense practices to avoid contamination. Don’t let food sit out for more than two hours. Preheating your grill for 20 minutes can help kill lingering bacteria. Never use the same plate and utensils for raw meat and cooked meat. It is a good idea to scrape off and clean your grill after each use because bacteria and carcinogenic residue can build up on the grates over time. Finally, don’t forget to always wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw meats!

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

If you are ready to learn more about how an outdoor kitchen or custom food preparation and dining area would enhance your outdoor living space, contact Archadeck of Central SC today. We are your one-stop shop for all your outdoor living design needs! Call (803) 603-2160 or email us at